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The traditional commercial juice machine is to store the prepared beverage in th

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According to the production method, it is divided into: storage type juice machine and current type juice machine. The traditional commercial juice machine is to store the prepared beverage in the material tank; now, the commercial machine is developing faster and faster, that is, the computer version controls the ratio of raw materials to water, and the freshly brewed beverage is fresh. The carbonated Coke machine is also a type of current adjustment machine.

1. Screw the cutter and the centrifugal filter tightly before use, and then fasten the upper box of the centrifugal filter and the cutter to the base, and then turn on the power;

2. After the motor rotates normally, the food is placed;

3, the amount of food should not be too large, too thick, too hard, so as not to damage the cutting knife and cause the motor to overload;

4. Do not store too much food in the centrifugal filter. It should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will cause vibration; keep the juicer clean inside and outside. Wash carefully after each use. However, when cleaning, do not rinse with the tap, the base of the lower part of the juicer, and do not put the body in the water, so as to prevent the insulation part of the electrical part from being damaged.


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