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Deep fryer product features

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Fryers are divided into: electric heating, coal heating, gas heating and other heating methods. It is a smokeless, multi-functional, oil-water hybrid frying equipment. This equipment adopts the most internationally selected oil-water mixing frying process, which completely changes the structure of traditional frying equipment and fundamentally solves the traditional style. The disadvantages of the frying pan can be fried at the same time, and the food is not scented. It is multi-purpose. The process adopts the method of heating from the middle of the oil layer to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers, effectively alleviating the oxidation degree of the oil, and inhibiting the acid medium. High, automatic filtration in the frying process, automatic temperature control, thus extending the service life of the frying oil. 1. Using the principle of skill, the oil does not change. The principle of different proportions of oil, water and animal oil is used. The residue generated in the working process is completely submerged in water, and the animal fat sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil, which fundamentally solves the residue in the traditional fryer. Animal fats and oils, repeated frying, causing the oil to be acidified and carbonized to cause carcinogens.

2, frying pan to improve quality, ensure health special process to make residue and animal oils leave the working layer, plus middle heating to effectively control the convection of the upper and lower oil layers, thus ensuring the purity of various oil layers, the fried food is not only color and flavor, the appearance is clean and beautiful ( No black spot phenomenon), improved product quality and extended shelf life.

3, frying pan saves frying oil, which is good for environmental protection This product solves the problem that the traditional fryer is overheated and dried, causing a large amount of oil to volatilize. The oil-water mixing technology allows the water below the oil layer to continuously generate a small amount of steam, and penetrates into the oil layer to replenish the frying oil, thereby inhibiting the oil from volatilizing; the central heating process can control the upper and lower temperatures according to the needs of the electronic control device, which can be effectively relieved. The degree of oxidation of the frying oil inhibits the production of acid, which prolongs the life cycle of the frying oil and reduces waste. It saves more than 50% of oil compared with the traditional fryer, and at the same time reduces air pollution, allowing the operator to avoid smoke and smoke. The bitterness.

4, frying pan oil does not odor, a machine multi-use this process through limit control, zone temperature control, scientific use of the relationship between vegetable oil and animal oil, so that the animal oil leached from fried foods naturally sink into the lower layer of vegetable oil, so the upper middle layer work The oil is always pure, and it can be fried at the same time. It does not taste each other. It can increase the variety of your business.

5. The frying pan is equipped with an advanced automatic temperature control device. The oil temperature can be adjusted freely between normal temperature and 230 degrees. After selecting the temperature according to the explosive, the heating can be automatically controlled to ensure the constant temperature, which not only reduces the energy. It is easy to use and fast, and it improves the work efficiency and is very popular among users.


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