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Product classification of juice machine

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Product classification of juice machine

Juice machines are divided into three categories, mixers, single-function juicers, and multi-function juice blenders.

1. For electric oranges: This juice machine is a machine for pressing out fruit juices, such as oranges, grapefruits or lemons.

2, juice blender: This kind of machine can be used to mix softer fruit, and stir into a mud, it is very versatile, in addition to can be used to juice, can also be used in home cooking.

3. Juicer: This is because some fruits and vegetables have more fiber components, such as sugar cane and carrots. Therefore, this juicer can use the effect of high-efficiency separation to separate juice and residue, and help more completely and effectively. The body's absorption of nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

4, multi-functional fruit and vegetable juicer: set juice machine, juicer, grinder, and soya-bean milk machine as one, multi-functional design, very in line with the economic benefits of modern people.


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